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Follow-up on Nina Munk’s interview by Russ Robert with Jeffrey Sachs .Archives | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty

Posted by accamv on January 3, 2017


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I thought you might be interested in Nina Munk on Poverty, Development, and the Idealist | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty.

Posted by accamv on January 3, 2017

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Symbolism, Inspiration or Power

Posted by accamv on July 26, 2014

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“Winner takes all” in Africa

Posted by accamv on September 28, 2013

There is a lot of discussion about the “winner takes all mentality” which is the dominant political and economic paradigm in our societies.
As a people what we have to come to terms with, is that every individual’s first assignment is to preserve their life. Logically the individual with the most property is in the position to protect his or her life better than the one with less, either by performing that task themselves or by acquiring external help to do so using their property or wealth.There is a reason why the wealthy countries are in a better position to protect themselves than the poorer ones.
It is therefore man’s nature to take as much as possible for themselves, in order to increase their capability to perform their first assignment on earth (protect their life).
Why should it be surprising to anyone, if the “winner takes all” mentality is the dominant political and economic paradigm in our society.
The solution to this problem should be part of our social contract, it should be embeded in the constitution.
Provisions have to be made in the constitution through amendments that makes it possible for ruling administrations to get the revenues they need to implement their policies, only by pursuing their self interest in a harmonious manner. This means that in order to get more revenues the governments only choice would be to provide good education, good hospitals, conducive business environment etc. By so doing the citizens would be in the position to create more wealth and the government would be able to collect more revenue through taxation.
The nature and attitude of a person is like that of a flowing river. They will choose the easiest path to get to their goal, and if the “winner takes all” paradigm provides that, then why would our ruling governments not take advantage, afterall it makes it possible to amass wealth quickly to perform man’s first assignment. Citizens can not beg or plead with them not to take the easy path.The constitution has to put them in a position that, it would be in their best interest to take a harmonious interest approach.

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Video self-Interest Part 2

Posted by accamv on November 30, 2012

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Video Self-Interest Part 1

Posted by accamv on November 29, 2012

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Self Interest

Posted by accamv on November 11, 2012

Over the years I have heard comments about other societies and countries progressing in all sectors of development and the question “Why not us?” These helpless comments have come from all manner of people, rich, poor, local, Diasporas, young, old, male and female. We as a society have not been able to fundamentally change this condition in which we find ourselves. Until we make changes, the majority of our citizens’ freedom of thought and speech would continue to be truncated rights.

It is my opinion that we have not unleashed one of the most powerful attributes of human nature in a manner that is harmonious to the interest of our society, to correct the self imposed deplorable conditions we find ourselves confronted with. It is true to some degree that we have not approached the running of our affairs with a nation building mindset, which would make available to us critical fundamental changes.

The powerful natural human attribute I make reference to is the phenomenon of self-interest (with reference to Adam Smith). This phenomenon has been unleashed in every successfully developed society. One would say it is also present in economically unsuccessful societies; the difference is that it is not subject to appropriate restraints in unsuccessful societies, hence becoming a negative rather than a positive force.

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