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To Reduce Police Corruption

Posted by accamv on November 12, 2012

Police corruption is one of the major problems our society faces. We have had different administrations over the years and not one can claim to have made any progress in reducing police corruption. I am writing about this issue because it is an urgency.

Managing and reducing police corruption is tied to the creation of autonomous local , town and municipal governments. As I mentioned in my show “Voice of an African Child”, Towns should be allowed to manage their own affairs and their own budgets. The police should be employed by the local towns, so that their jurisdiction is limited only to the towns in which they are employed. Therefore a police officer in town “A” cannot be operating in Town “B”. When this happens the police can only take bribe from residents in his town or people passing through his town. Very soon the residents of the town , who also happen to be his employers would get to know about his corrupt practices, and the next┬álogical step would be to fire him.

Besides at every town meeting residents would evaluate the performance of their officials and if the police service is not performing well they can fire and employ a new police chief.

As we have now, corrupt policemen with connections at the national headquarters are untouchable, and this spills over to other officers as well.


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